In the process of putting these together the questions arose: "Isn't this the exhibition itself... does it need to actually be in the museum...isn't most art experienced online, in magazines and not in musuems these days?"

Proposal for Mass MoCA
Proposal for the Tate Modern
Proposal for SFMOMA
music: mystery twin
Video from the studio - experimenting with helium and floating forms.
exhibit #1 at exhibit 23

Work in exhibit #1 at exhibit 23
Gifting Abstraction at SOHO20

Work in exhibit at SOHO20 in NY, NY
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The Elevationists is a an exhibit inspired by the idea of great thinkers who contemplated flight, space and documenting the invisible in attempts to move beyond our everyday reality.

The diagrams explore the underlying language used in documenting ideas in schematic forms - encouraging the viewer to access that way of seeing and thinking - both abstract and analytical.
The balloon pieces entitled "Hover" are a way of accessing flight, empty space and creating form in usually inaccessible areas - drawing the viewer's eye upward and into a space generally ignored because there is often "nothing" there.
The Elevationists at Manhattan Born

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new project:
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at the

Children's Museum of the Arts

Ny, NY

Sept 24, 2013 - Jan 26, 2014